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In-home interview pays $200

Charlotte, NC • 08/22/2007

Shopping for your home, $200- pd. to you! in-home interview

We would like to invite you to participate in a one-time only paid research interview about products you buy or are looking to buy for your home.

This is a one time only research study to get your opinions. No sales involved!

Please answer the following questions below and email it back to us.


City you live in:

Telephone number:



Marital status:

Children: If yes, how many? __________ If yes, are they living at home? ___________

Which of the following, if any, major purchases have you recently made for your home:


Window coverings



*If any of the above, please specify if it was less than 6 months ago or more than 6 months ago.

How much did you spend roughly on each purchase?

Do you own your home or are you renting?

If own, did you recently purchase your home?

If you own, are you currently undergoing a renovation or addition to your home?

When: This study will take place in your home during the week of August 27th August 31st, 2007

Where: In your home

Time: You pick it!

Payment for your time: $200.00

For more information and to provide us with your information please email Christina at Satellite Research at

No phone calls please!!!

Thank you,

This is a one time only paid study! No sales involved!

***Due to a large number of responses we may not be able to get back to everyone.

Thank You!


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