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Northside Christian Academy


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333 Jeremiah Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28262
(704) 596-1819


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2 reviews for Northside Christian Academy

Northside Christian Academy
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Our children attended Northside last year 4th grade it was a nightmare. The teachers arrived to work late sometimes leaving the children standing the hallway waiting on them, or standing up against the wall in another class room. due to the fact the staff children attend the school, before class start you find some teachers with their own children completing their homework or they are simply completely it for them. So forget trying to communicate with them in the morning, during conference our children had two teachers we only had a conference with one of them. And they were filling out the review sheet or conference sheet while we meet also showing up 20 mins late, to us this was an important meeting about out children's progress. We talk with the principal and the head of the school about our concerns nothing changed. We made it thru 4th grade thank GOD. They had attended Northside since Pre-K this was disappointing . This school now lacks spirit and spark, the staff has continued to think about themselves first and only. Its a private school for the staff members children not the general public. They are now charging money for a late homework fees and for late arrival to school. I'm sure this is based on the fact enrollment is low. This school was great once upon a time, it has fell off. I'm not writing to you as a upset parent, but letting you know to please consider other options for your child's education. This school needs a makeover, behind in technology, communication, lack of quality teachers, lack of support from the overall staff. Its needs to change if anyone enroll their children it will be family members or families moving from other states

Northside Christian Academy
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The school is not worth the $6500 in tuition. Staff expectations for the students are very low, staff engagement with the students (even with the low student teacher ratio) is non existent - the teachers could care less about the development of your child…it appears that the teachers are just clocking time until the 3pm bell rings. The administration is not progressive or nurturing and the academic standards of the school as compared to other private schools is sorely lacking. The teachers are woefully unprepared – for example my child’s teacher struggled so much with teaching the new math curriculum that I had to purchase the teacher books myself to ensure that my child was being taught the material (my child received an A). Sadly when I thought about moving my child to another homeroom, I heard the same feedback from other parents.

Also, pay attention to the colleges the seniors are matriculating too – while there is nothing wrong with the majority of them matriculating to UNC – Charlotte, or community college, when I pay tuition for a private school I am looking for a progressive, academic environment that will not only prepare my child socially, but challenge them academically to complete with other students to get into top tier schools – Northside simply does not prepare your child to that. Additionally, the only consistent use of technology in the school is that automatic billing system that drafts your tuition.

If you have different options (even a good CMS school) I would seriously consider sending your child there…Northside may have at one time been a good school – but it has long seen it’s best days – I have removed both of my children and would seriously warn anyone looking for a quality education about sending their child to Northside.

This is the first posting that I’ve ever done like this – but I feel that strongly about the experience that Northside is not providing their students. Run….don’t walk away from this school.

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Our children have been a Northside since Pre-K, they both attended 4th grade at Northside last year and it was a nightmare. As parents we all want the best for our children, we considered private school for many reasons, teachings of the word of God, classroom size, communication to name a few. Northside is lacking that spark, spirit and for sure quality teachers, it has become a school for its employees children. They are currently trying to squeeze every dime out of you, charging fees =dollars if your child is late with their homework or late to school after a certain number of times, not sure if this is legal. Enrollment is low, not trying to persuade you in anyway, I'm not writing as an upset parent but as a parent letting you to seek other options for your child's education, Northside has fell off and its reflected throughout the school. This school needs a makeover, the staff has continue to put themselves first and its hurting them.


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