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Myers Park Methodist Church


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1501 Queens Rd W
Charlotte, NC 28207
(704) 376-8584


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1 review for Myers Park Methodist Church

Myers Park Methodist Church
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I am a concert pianist who just moved to the Charlotte area recently. Back in December, I was asked to accompany a young man who was singing Christmas pieces for a small group of people at Myers Park Methodist. I had one of the worst experiences of my life while visiting Myers Park.
First of all, I was screamed at by the teacher of the Sunday School class that we were playing in front of multiple times. I was asked in a rude way "can you play every hymn in this hymnal?" When I said, "Yes sir I will try my best" he shouted "well you better!!!!!!!" Also, an elderly lady in the Sunday School class assumed that I was a street rat and asked "have you been privileged enough to have establish residency in Mecklenburg County" to which I said "Maam I have been here since January of 2008. Do you think I've been living under an overpass?"
After the performance was over, a few individuals expressed how happy they were that we had performed these pieces for them and how talented we were. However, I had a small group of folks that came to me while I was sitting at the piano and insulted me. I am an anatomy teacher at a college in the area and one lady, wearing a fur coat, asked in a snooty way "Are you perhaps a doctor?" I said "No maam" to which she added "Well, I just don't see how you could possibly be qualified to be an anatomy instructor unless you are a doctor? Doesn't seem right!!" I was highly insulted.
Another lady told me that the piano was out of tune and that it "took" away from the performance. I had informed the Sunday School instructor that it needed to be tuned before our performance and I was screamed at during the rehearsal period. Not my fault!!
Basically, a few folks analyzed my entire life at the performance. I think it is extremely rude to insult guests at your church, especially considering that I am a new comer to Charlotte and am looking for a church to settle down into. I think it is also rude as all get out to insult someone's music abilities and their work after one performance and especially since I was a guest in the church and no one knew me.
I would NOT RECOMMEND this church to anyone unless you are filthy rich and snooty. The church does not practice what it preaches because it treats guests like trash and not as Jesus would. Jesus sat with prostitutes. These people told me I needed to quit my job because I was not qualified. How RUDE can you be.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. NEVER go to Myers Park Methodist.

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